Hello there! I see that you’ve stumbled into my little corner…

I am Vicky, 20 years old. I’ve lived in Austria, England and Singapore, and am currently residing in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This blog was created as an archive for the workings of my brain. Some pieces are like like short journal entries – an attempt to capture a fleeting thought before I forget about it. Other pieces are longer, more meticulously crafted and researched reflections, in which I try to make sense of the world.

Here, you will probably find many pieces are on Vietnam, education, and other forms of social commentary, because I am currently practicing observing the world. Eventually, this should accumulate into me become a very dangerous serial entrepreneur, but who cares, because eventually I will settle down in the woods and write fantasy novels.

You can also find me on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Enjoy your stay!

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