What’s on your mind?

Is it a tiger wearing dungarees? Or how to terraform Mars? Maybe you are wondering where nationalism came from, and whether there should be any countries at all?

Sometimes the answers require long journeys of rumination, and that’s okay. That’s exactly what this blog is for – a place to share stories and ideas, finished and unfinished, about everything in the realms of Earth, Non-Earth, and the in-between.

Recent Writings

Cặp Kính

Tôi (vui mừng) bị cận năm lớp 3. Đó là năm đầu tiên tôi chuyển về tiểu học Qifa (Singapore) sau vài năm ở Châu Âu, và như mọi đứa trẻ bình thường, tôi khao khát được tập thể chấp nhận, được cảm thấy “thuộc về.” Việc học thì đơn giản. Châu Á mà, đẻ…

Remove Friction. Make it easy to do things you like.

It kind of baffles me how little I “create” despite having a million ideas flowing in my head at any given point. Hundreds of half-developed thoughts lying around, and I’d tell myself “One day I’ll get to writing about it, when I have time to do some real deep research and organize my thoughts!” (this…


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“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”


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